5 items to ditch right now.

5 items to ditch right now.

If a professional home organizer, like myself, showed up at your house right now (virtually or IRL) there’s a handful of things they’d immediately talk you into tossing. Here they are:

Item #1: Flimsy Kitchen Utensils

You know what I’m talking about. That cheap spatula from IKEA, the knife that bends every time you use it even on softer items. If the utensil has ever aggravated you or doesn’t serve its purpose, then it no longer serves you and you can let it go!

Item #2: old, dry pens + pencils, etc.

Everybody (just me?) has a collection of sharpies and some of them have been dry since 2005. Throw those away. While we’re at it, throw out any mechanical pencils that are missing erasers or lead. If you look at it and think WHY?!, let it go.

Item #3: Phone Books

Do you still have phone books in your home?! Recycle them ASAP. If you’re reading this on a social media site, you can gather the info needed online.

Item #4: Everything that’s expired

A lot of items can get covered here. Food in the fridge, spices, medications, even makeup. If it’s expired, toss it. If not for the sake of decluttering, then for the sake of safety.

Item #5: Bags for Donation

I hear frequently that donation bags tend to sit in trunks for a week or two (maybe more) before they actually make it to a donation site. It can be freeing to clear out your closet and make room for new clothes, but the task isn’t complete if the bags never make it to the donation center. Pairing the task with another errand (in the neighborhood or other) will help. If you can’t find a good time to get over there (and you have enough items), you can search for pick up options on Google.


It can be daunting when you start the task of decluttering. However, there are some things that can be tossed (or recycled) on sight. Start with these small steps and go from there.

You are enough and you have enough. I’m glad we’ve had this talk.


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