Moving is easier when you have less.

Moving is easier when you have less.

photo by Stewart McCullough

Dana K. White coined the container concept. I live by it. The concept is that your home, the room you’ve designated for a hobby, the box, the bin, or the drawer is the container for what you’ve decided to put in it and that container is the limit. That means that your home can only hold so many things. You need to live in it after all.

If you’re downsizing, the reason you’re downsizing is that you’re moving into a smaller space and therefore need to let go of items to fit comfortably into your new space.

Don’t wait until you move! Decluttering can occur at any time to make your space more livable. I’ve heard too often that people wish they would have decluttered sooner because their homes were so much bigger than they thought.

Then, if and when move day finally comes, it’s much easier when you have less. It’ll take less time, cost less money and be less stressful.

You are enough and you have enough, I’m glad we had this talk.

Image is of yours truly, with the assistance of A.K. Mimi Allin on my own move day in 2021. I like to use helium when I move to Lighten the Load. The piece was titled, Lighter than Air Moving Co. NOT FOR HIRE.

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