Tips for a stress free Summer

Tips for a stress free Summer

It’s time to celebrate the warmer weather and longer days that we know as Summer! My absofruit favorite time of year.

With all the changes in schedules and events, the summer can become a bit much to navigate. Try these tips to stay organized and stress free this Summer:

1. Say Ahoy to Summer, and bon voyage to Winter

This may seem obvious, but it is incredibly motivating to get all the winter stuffs put away (if space is limited, move these items to the lesser used side of the closet, etc). Perhaps more importantly, putting away winter items ensures that you have a home for all the summer items to live and stay organized.

2. Get What You Need Now

As you prepare for Summer, take inventory of items you need to replenish or replace. It’s easier to keep track of what you need and where it should go when you have it all in front of you. Some common items to take note of are sunscreens, coolers, bug spray, beach towels, sunglasses, sunhats, and sandals. Of course, there could be a lot more in that list, so make sure you’re planning properly for you and your family’s needs.

3. Summer Routines

It’s easy to let your to-do lists and agendas slip away with summer – for many our routines and schedules feel like a thing of the past. Now is a good time to work with your family to plan routines that can help encourage their involvement and keep your home organized. Plan small tasks that can easily be done in just a few minutes and split the tasks up throughout the day – morning, afternoon, and evening.

4. Organize for the Kids Being Home

Creating spaces for kids to spend time can be a huge help in keeping organized. Reading corners can help keep books together and activity corners can help keep the explosions of crafting supplies from spreading to the rest of the home. Keeping kids activities and accessories easily accessible will also be a win to encourage a little bit of autonomy and parental peace.

5. Prep for Quick Getaways

Some days we just feel like packing up and heading out for a quick day trip. Whether it’s planned or not, having some getaway bags at the ready can be a huge stress reliever. Think through some of the common getaways your family might take and prep a couple of tote bags so you can get out the door without much stress. Keep some clean snack containers in a bag so you won’t have to worry about finding or cleaning any; keep extra sunglasses, sunscreen, bug spray, towels, and light clothing in another tote bag. Knowing that you have a couple bags at the ready means you and the family can quickly (and easily!) head to the beach, lake, pool, or even the art museum with little planning or fuss.

Enjoy it. It goes fast. Deon Cole says, “you only have 30 Summers left.” Use any of these tips to prepare then go with the flow as much as possible and remember that you are enough and you have enough.


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