I used to think FRUGAL was a 4-letter word.

I used to think FRUGAL was a 4-letter word.

I used to think frugal was a 4-letter word… but I no longer believe that. 

Previous to home organizing, I’ve been an artist and a social worker, so I have excelled in the area of thrifting and frugality. 

Frugal means that you are careful with the resources you have. That can be money, stuff and even your energy. 

Frugal is not cheap! We can get burned by cheap. Cheap falls apart after one use or doesn’t actually fulfill the need. When you purchase the best tool to fit the job (even at a higher price tag initially), that tool lasts longer and therefore saves you money in the long run. In that way, being frugal is a form of self care, investing in yourself and your future. 

Using a car analogy: cheap is skipping on regular maintenance then being caught with a more expensive problem down the line. Frugal knows regular maintenance is required to keep the car in good working order and will therefore save money in the long run. 

Be frugal with your energy. Now that’s a resource you need to be careful with! That may mean that you do a ten minute clean up at night so you can wake up to a clean room or it can mean letting go of items that give you any negative emotions. Don’t keep items out of guilt or anything that makes you feel bad!  

Are you willing to be more frugal for the rest of this month or the rest of the year? Be mindful of your resources and take care of them because frugality pays off in the end. 

You are enough and you have enough and I’m glad we’ve had this talk!


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