Give thanks before giving it away.

Give thanks before giving it away.

You may be familiar with Marie Kondo’s questions, “does it Spark Joy?”
but there is another part of her process that I find more helpful for those items you are struggling to declutter. .

Thank the item for serving its purpose.

Thank clothing for keeping you warm, kitchen gadgets for helping you prepare healthy meals, toys and games, etc. for providing you with momentary entertainment. Then let the item go.

Thanking the item helps us process the change from owning the item to not owning the item.

Are there items in your home that you can thank and let go of? Now is a good time to clear out any clutter.

Make room for new!

Donate items in good condition. Then people that may be shopping for gifts in thrift stores can snag ’em.

Attached is the Pie Chart for Letting Go as a visual guide to the questions and suggested weight they may hold. Use that as a guide when decluttering your home, thank the items for their service to you and get them out of your home.

You are enough and you have enough,
happy THANKS+giving

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