Your Guide to Decluttering the Kitchen Ahead of the Holidays

Your Guide to Decluttering the Kitchen Ahead of the Holidays

The kitchen is the centerpiece for all family gatherings, especially at this time of year. It’s where all the holiday magic happens! It’s where you make all those tasty, holiday classics and family favorites.


It’s important that your kitchen remain functional during this high-use time.

Here are a few tips to help you—and your family—organize and declutter your kitchen ahead of the holidays:

First Pass Trash

Take ten to fifteen minutes to collect all trash. This can include expired foods in the pantry and fridge. Eat or compost the leftovers to make space. 



Grab some donatable boxes or bins and ask yourself these questions:


• Is this a duplicate or does something else do the same job?

• Have I used this in the last year?

• Would I buy this again?

• Does this item work?


Find items that are potentially too old, broken, or no longer used. Get rid of things that make you feel guilty for not using them yet, like that perfectly fine break maker that you have never made bread in. They money is spent and someone else could use it. Get the space on your countertop or cupboard back and let it go.

Chipped plates and mugs, solo mismatched items, food storage containers with no lids, let them go. Take note of any items you feel you need to replace.

At the end of your decluttering, make the time to process the trash, donation items and things that go elsewhere in the home. For donation items, if you can make a run right away, that is great. Putting them in the car and putting the errand on your calendar is second best.


Organize with Convenience in Mind

Organizing your kitchen should be about convenience. Place the items that you know you will use more often in a convenient location. Put like with like. Do your spices live in more than one place? Can they be consolidated in one area?


One of the best things to do in your kitchen is to make your tomorrow easier by taking ten to fifteen minutes each night to put away dishes, clean countertops and tidy up a bit. Imagine waking up to a clean, tidy countertop and not having to clean before you start prepping for that day’s meals. After all, you want to look forward to making the holiday meals, cookies, and more!

Consider a Virtual Organizing Session to Prepare Your Kitchen

When it comes to decluttering your kitchen, it can be difficult to do it alone. Virtual organizing is a great resource when you need a little more. Schedule a free consult here.  


 You are enough and you have enough, I’m glad we’ve had this post!


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