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Pie Chart for Letting Go

Decluttering is the first step in any and all organizing projects so I’ve created this pie chart to help you make decisions on when you can let go of stuff.

Each slice of this pie chart has a statement that you can use to evaluate each items to help you declutter. The size of each slice has been arbitrarily assigned by me but if two of the slices get a yes and they add up to more than half the pie, give yourself permission to let the item go.

The four slices making up the Pie Chart for Letting Go are:

Haven’t used it in a year.
Pretty straight forward and that slice takes up half the pie! Not using something for a full year is a big clue and a fairly lenient time line. All the seasonal stuff had the opportunity to get used at least once but it didn’t make the cut for whatever reason. Let it go. 

Don’t love it.
Whether it’s not quite right, never really worked, isn’t the exact color you wanted, needs to be fixed, or has bad vibes, etc., if it’s not a heck yeah!, it can go. Removing clutter allows the things you do love and use to shine. Put them in the spotlight! 

Wouldn’t buy it again.
Maybe you wouldn’t buy that banana peeler again. No problem. Let it go. For everything else that you purchased, maybe on a whim, for an aspirational hobby but you still haven’t gotten around to it, used it once but never again… forgive yourself. The money’s already spent. Then, let it go.

The item doesn’t need you
That final sliver of a question. Does the object need you should not be asked of every item, however, when asked to the right item, you may be surprised by the answer! My Smurf figurines need me, I am their human friend.

If in doubt, get it out. Thank the item for serving you. Take a picture if desired, then donate it to someone who will use it.

You are enough and you have enough and I’m glad we’ve had this talk,


The first three questions are used by many individuals and I do not know of an original source. The final question Does the item need you? is by Judith Kolberg.

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