Start where the magic happens

Start where the magic happens

blue skies with white clouds with black and white line drawing of a bed and side table with text overlay that reads Spring : Where the magic happens.

Spring is a pretty magical time of year. It’s a time of transformations and new life. Are you looking to bring some new life into your home? 

If you’re starting to feel the urge to clear and prepare your home for Spring and Summer projects, this message is for you. 

One overwhelming feeling attached with any home organizing, rightsizing or decluttering project is not knowing where to start.

Start where the magic happens! 

That’s right, take it from MTV Cribs circa 2000, when Joey McIntyre showed off his bedroom and said, “this is where the magic happens.”  

Start in the bedroom. 

Why? You need good vibes and quick wins when decluttering. The bedroom is the first place you see in the morning and the last place you see before you go to bed. Therefore, starting where the magic happens means that you will see the results. 

We also want that bedroom to be a sanctuary for… ya know, the magic to happen. 

So, start where the magic happens and let the sparks fly.

Bedroom already dialed in? If you are working in different areas of the home, the  concept here is sight lines. 

When on the couch, what are you looking at? Decluttering places in your direct line of sight will provide that visual reassurance that you have made progress.

This may be why some people clean (a desk or studio) before they can work. Once their sight lines are clear, the juices start flowing. This is also why we tend to fill a room or closet and close the door. Out of sight, out of mind.

Clutter causes anxiety via visual overstimulation, every item in our home is a piece of inventory we have to manage.

Small wins add up. Clear that coffee table or bookshelf in your sightline to make the environment feel lighter and yourself feel better.

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