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lots of items are bottlenecking above a funnel and nothing is passing through to the box below the funnel with the word, donate, written on it

Keep stuff moving with the one in, one out rule

It has happened. A contestant on a reality dating show had to cut their time short in a beautiful location with a budding romance on their horizon due to constipation. That got me thinking about the importance of keeping things moving, even with our stuff. Sam, a contestant on this season of the Bachelor in…
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drawing of a gravestone with RIP Guilty Stuff written on it, white ghost flying away on the top right and faint images of a pile of boxes behind it

How to Banish Guilty Stuff from your home

A lot of stuff in our lives and homes make us feel guilty. Here are three reasons we keep things out of guilt:  Let’s talk about how to banish this guilty stuff out of our lives because we don’t want to keep stuff around that makes us feel bad.  The first one is when someone…
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Fall in love with your home again: the power of decluttering.

Is your home feeling cluttered and overwhelming? Do you wish you had more space and less stress? If so, it’s time to consider the power of decluttering. I’ve even made up a word for it, I call it declutterZing and it’s official definition is: a renewed sense of enthusiasm and liveliness felt towards your space…
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blue skies with white clouds with black and white line drawing of a bed and side table with text overlay that reads Spring : Where the magic happens.

Start where the magic happens

Spring is a pretty magical time of year. It’s a time of transformations and new life. Are you looking to bring some new life into your home?  If you’re starting to feel the urge to clear and prepare your home for Spring and Summer projects, this message is for you.  One overwhelming feeling attached with…
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Pie Chart for Letting Go

Decluttering is the first step in any and all organizing projects so I’ve created this pie chart to help you make decisions on when you can let go of stuff. Each slice of this pie chart has a statement that you can use to evaluate each items to help you declutter. The size of each…
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Your Guide to Decluttering the Kitchen Ahead of the Holidays

The kitchen is the centerpiece for all family gatherings, especially at this time of year. It’s where all the holiday magic happens! It’s where you make all those tasty, holiday classics and family favorites.   It’s important that your kitchen remain functional during this high-use time. Here are a few tips to help you—and your…
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Give thanks before giving it away.

You may be familiar with Marie Kondo’s questions, “does it Spark Joy?” but there is another part of her process that I find more helpful for those items you are struggling to declutter. . Thank the item for serving its purpose. Thank clothing for keeping you warm, kitchen gadgets for helping you prepare healthy meals,…
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Things will scare you this month, decluttering doesn’t have to be one of them.

Decluttering doesn’t have to be a scary, overwhelming experience. Here are some tips for scare-free decluttering:  First Pass Trash: Take a garbage bag and walk around collecting trash only. Obvious trash, no decision making here.  Decluttering is a muscle that builds up over time. Starting with trash, (no decision making!), is the best way to start. You…
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I used to think FRUGAL was a 4-letter word.

I used to think frugal was a 4-letter word… but I no longer believe that.  Previous to home organizing, I’ve been an artist and a social worker, so I have excelled in the area of thrifting and frugality.  Frugal means that you are careful with the resources you have. That can be money, stuff and…
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Need a new outfit? Shop at a thrift store first.

The month of August has both Thrift Store Day (17th) and Secondhand Wardrobe Day (25th) in it.  Whether you make a donation or go shopping yourself, August 25th is secondhand wardrobe day. I recently took a gander in my own closet and found that approximately 68% of my wardrobe is from thrift stores. I love each…
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