Need a new outfit? Shop at a thrift store first.

Need a new outfit? Shop at a thrift store first.

The month of August has both Thrift Store Day (17th) and Secondhand Wardrobe Day (25th) in it. 

Whether you make a donation or go shopping yourself, August 25th is secondhand wardrobe day. I recently took a gander in my own closet and found that approximately 68% of my wardrobe is from thrift stores. I love each piece!

Are there items in your closet that you haven’t worn in a loooooonnng time, items you wouldn’t want to run into your ex while wearing*, or things that simply don’t fit or items that you wouldn’t buy again? Donate them! 

Here’s my Pie Chart for Letting Go to remind you of the top questions you can ask yourself about the items in your closet and if they deserve to stay.

If you haven’t used the item in one year, don’t love it and wouldn’t buy it again, you can let it go. The fourth, tiny sliver, is a question that does NOT need to be asked to every item but when asked to the right item, the answer may surprise you. That is, does the item need you? Judith Kolberg found this by fluke, but it was one more effective way to discern between items you want to keep in your home or get rid of.

Donating clothing, hosting or attending a clothing swap and selling any old clothes is better for the earth and our wallets. Keeping the items out of the landfill as long as possible and giving the items a second life.

Challenge yourself to find something to donate this Secondhand Wardrobe Day. Then you can use the one in, one out rule and find something to take home.

Gentle reminder: be selective on what you take home with you. Try items on in store if possible and refrain from anything that will add to that silent to-do list like something that needs alterations, etc. 

You are enough and you have enough and I’m glad we’ve had this talk!


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